Dark Spots

There’s an ad on some Word Press posts saying,

‘Don’t Cover up Your Dark Spots’ and I thought,

Whoa, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?

Keep our sins and prejudices in the attic,

not hang them out like dirty linen in public,

to hide our inner trolls, I know what the ad means.

I’m not stupid. Just got carried away by the metaphor.

And anyway I almost put up a post yesterday

Revealing a darker, nasty side of me but my therapist

Urged me not to put it up, that there are dark spots,

she said, that are best concealed.

  • Tribute to Blenholt by Natalia Zaratieger on Pinterest

34 thoughts on “Dark Spots

  1. I like this poem – teetering and teasing. We all have those darknesses. They need light, I suppose, but not exposure to the whole world.

    That image is appealing! It evokes layers of emotion and thoughts.

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  2. The sad part is that those “spots” still exist (and in some cases proudly displayed. The ones on the skin? I thought there was a cream for that. All in all I liked this revealing “dirty laundry”, also the art works well with this.

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  3. part of being human beans, Beth; and, yes, to find the right artwork requires a hunt, and we all love a good hunt if it’s for Easter bunnies or the right combination to win someone’s heart 🙂


  4. Oh, the tease on words unsaid. I’d love to see those deleted lines. Dark spots don’t disappear when they get covered up, despite what we may try to conceal, these spots need sunlight and a fresh aired-out feeling to fully heal.


  5. Use the “Beauty” setting in your camera, I say. There will be no dark spots to hide then. Hanging your dirty linen in public is okay, I guess, now a days it is a common practice…better known as autobiographies.


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