Love on the Spectrum

I watched ‘Love on the Spectrum’ last night

about young autistic people

mostly in their twenties,

take part in the thrilling game

of Speed Dating;

& I thought how cool it’d be

if senior citizens,

marooned in singlehood

could be brought together for a night of fun,

under the one roof,

speed dating, meeting other single men and women

in a similar age group;

what a boost it would give to their lives,

what a night of fun

and who knows what good things might come of it,

what magical pairings

27 thoughts on “Love on the Spectrum

  1. 🙂 just read it; I would watch it: it’s in the same vein as ‘Lone on the Spectrum’ and it’s the sort of film that ABC in Australia might show: will watch for it — it’s unlikely to hit our cinemas 😦


  2. Honestly, such a great idea! Working previously in a long term care facility and seeing the residents who were “dating” each other, it was beyond adorable! Uplifted spirits, improved communication skills, and overall gave them a real sense of hope in a difficult transition of their lives 🙂

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