The Man in the Box has a Few Things to Say

He had a rough time as a kid, a tough time as a teenager, and did hard time as an adult in maximum-security, an ideal upbringing for a Coffin Confessor, a calling Bill Edgar, the author, pioneered.  

You need balls to be a coffin confessor, a job, if you’ll excuse the pun,  he fell into. A coffin confessor gatecrashes funerals, and reads out what his client, the deceased, discloses to him on their deathbed. He is entrusted to let the mourners know the bitter truth that has been largely hidden from them all this time. There is always at least one of the mourners who receives a right royal drubbing, a public flogging by the lash of truth.

He3re is his spiel: “Excuse me, but I’m going to need you to sit down, shut up or fuck off. The man in the box has a few things to say,”

You gotta read this book. Every chapter is rivetting.

32 thoughts on “The Man in the Box has a Few Things to Say

  1. A rather curious profession ⚰️🤔
    But wouldn’t it be much better to
    make your “confession” whilst in
    the land of the living, rather than
    employing this coffin confessor.
    Then you can see the reaction 😱

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  2. Quite a review!! You would definitely need to be a bit hard to do that job. A bit of “enjoying being a bastard” wouldn’t go astray. Isn’t it interesting how humans enjoy a public slaying… from the Roman circuses right down to me typing up angry letters for my boss, hitting the keys viciously for every snide word. It harks back to our basest instincts, I suppose. That blessed release of frustration, anger, pent up emotion. Even if it’s not YOUR anger there’s still a kind of catharsis in it.

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  3. Not read the book John, but I’m with David Redpath on this one. Surely if we have something to tell someone, we should do it face to face. This way seems a bit cowardly to me, it denies the right to reply! Perhaps I need to read the book before commenting further.🙂

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      • Okay, I fell for that didn’t I!😂😂 of course I’ll consider it. There is always an extra edge when someone says,”Will you write me a poem about…” I’m on it.🙂


  4. The Catholic Church has confession, but the Protestants do not. I wonder when Protestants decided confession was unnecessary; after all, sin is an intrinsic part of the Christian mythology. If you can’t eradicate sin, you’ll have to live with it. That’s what makes it so puzzling.

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