Something in the Air

I don’t like the look of them

these runaways

the way they huddle darkly

in alleys,

in vacant lots amongst

the runtish grass

with their hangdog faces

and surly looks

they’re up to something

but if you edge closer to eavesdrop

they clam up

look at you with bloodshot

insolent eyes

what have they been drinking


perhaps they are planning

a revolution

against their colonial masters

the supermarkets.

29 thoughts on “Something in the Air

  1. Not sure if you have this where you are, John, some stores here have such a problem with people taking these carts, they need to pay a quarter to get one. You get back the quarter at the end when you return the cart.

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    • we used to have this, Eden, but for some reason it’s dropped out of favour; would stop delinquent shopping carts huddling together in dark alleys planning even darker things 🙂 btw you like your music: the title is a reference to the Thunderclap Newman classic, ‘Something in the Air’; you must know it — from ’59

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