Playful Panda of a Poem

A Playful Panda of a Poem

She glows and she glitters

from sunset to sunrise

she is an all night lady

with tachycardic eyes

She loves the crickets of Quorrobolong

the whimsy of the wind

the noisy cross-eyed mynah

the clatter of rubbish bins

She has a tachycardic heart

and  tachycardic toes

and takes herself off

wherever the wild wind blows

She loves the smell of coquetry

the stars, the perfumed black

and when she finally settles, eats

French Fries and Big Macs

*pic courtesy of pinterest

31 thoughts on “Playful Panda of a Poem

  1. Congrats on the new blog. Why the change? I looked up tachycardic and ut seems to have to do with an abnormally fast heart rate. I feel like this is a metaphor, this piece. But I am not sure that i fully grasp it. But as a description of a character who one might imagine to be a giant panda, it is very endearing and delightful.

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