Humble Pie



After bickering over breakfast,

and stewing over it all day

she finally found what she wanted —

the clinching morsel.

Now she would serve him his just desserts.

What’s for dinner? he said.

Humble Pie, she answered

as she handed him the perfumed panties

she found in his drawers.



* have you ever had the ‘pleasure’ of having to eat humble pie?

* photo from

6 thoughts on “Humble Pie

  1. Oh dear…LOL! A humble pie incident most would rather avoid at all costs. Well executed! I did not suspect that would happen.

    Humble pie is the grossest thing I’ve ever had to dish myself and eat. Sand would be easier to swallow, in my opinion. But the dreaded pastry usually brings more favorable results than not eating it in the first place.


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