Please Don’t Call This Love


I’m not yr punching bag

Not yr piñata

So give me a break

what is it you are after


I’m not yr pincushion

Not yr whipping boy

so why are you so intent

on stifling my joy


Yr not my parole officer

you are not my judge

so don’t cross examine me

& please don’t call this love.







10 thoughts on “Please Don’t Call This Love

  1. thanks Carolyn: the trick is, I feel, to retain that rawness at the same time as containing it: you can’t have the rawness spilling over — it becomes a rant rather than an artistic product, don’t you think?


  2. Yes, presenting the damage, without telling the reader how they must react. The ‘you’ in the poem isn’t the reader, it is the offender, leaving the reader to look at the situation as an observer. It’s an interesting subject, trying to imagine what your readers are thinking, and hoping you, as the writer, is aiming at presenting.

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