Was Jesus a Funny Guy?

Was Jesus a funny guy?

Would he have laughed at my pelican story?

Had he a sense of humor?

And if so, was it the self-deprecating kind

or the sort that skewered the pomposity of others?

You can’t tell me with those twelve disciples alone

with all those foibles

he didn’t have sufficient material to work with.

My guess is he compiled a joke book which the early Church


Did he do stand-up on the mount where he gave,

in his more serious side, the Sermon on the Beatitudes?

Humour should have been amongst them.

A person with a sense of humour is in contact with his humanity.

Even the donkey and hyenas know how to laugh.

The images of Buddha show him with a rollicking belly.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful but where are the images

of the jolly Jesus?

I bet if they met he would have shared a laugh with Buddha,

even exchanged jokes over a coffee or two.

I wait for the record to be rectified.

An ampler, more approachable sort of god.

11 thoughts on “Was Jesus a Funny Guy?

    • The Buddha looks like he certainly would have liked a good joke, and probably would have told a few jokes too. Much of the Old Testament doesn’t seem to have much room for jocularity, but I’m far from being a scholar on such matters. I do have a friend who is an Anglican nun, and she certainly enjoys a good joke. She prays for me on a regular basis, not because she thinks I need it, but because she cares about me, which is sweet of her. She knows I’m an unbeliever, and she’s trying to make sure God knows I’m a wonderful person, even though I don’t pray, or any such things.

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      • that’s lovely, Carolyn; I know a few priests and teaching brothers — I was training to be one — who all had a great sense of humour too. Being close to God does not prohibit you from having a sense of humour: think of the jolly Friars in ‘The Canterbury Tales’ 🙂

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