Risks Not Taken

Was watching 24 Hours in A & E

where this skater

tore down a flight of steps on his board

then crashing at the end

ending his chances of becoming

a pro

& I thought

we don’t take chances like that in our writing

not really

we don’t face broken bones, torn ligaments

or worse

we don’t face much

what’s the worst?

no one ‘likes’ our post, no one comments,

we put up a post that upsets a few people

it doesn’t get much worse than that

we don’t really risk much

but what if we did?

what would it look like?

what’s the riskiest post you’ve put up?

*pic courtesy of pinterest

34 thoughts on “Risks Not Taken

  1. What about once you have a public profile? Then the risks are greater. Helen Demidenko and the outcry about “The Hand that Signed the Paper”. JK Rowling making controversial statements about gender fluidity. There is the possibility of backlash, especially now with all the social media natter. But to some degree, I am risk averse even with my posting. Like in all social media, I think we try to present our best selves. But apart from that, I don’t want to offend anybody. I want people to like me even if they don’t like me writing. It’s a weakness of mine. πŸ™‚


  2. If we go near politics, I think we have to take care how we write, to avoid upsetting people. This US withdrawal from Afghanistan, for example, was basically Biden following through on Trump’s “America First” rhetoric, but a lot of the Americas on here are vehemently anti-Trump, and so get riled when we say “actually the new guy is no better”.


    • Biden was caught between a rock and a hard place — there’s material for a pun here — but I do avoid politics because it is so divisive, and can quickly degenerate into squabbling; and yet …. it’s tricky — there’s so much else to talk about, celebrate πŸ™‚

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      • Ah, I enjoy my political posts, just because I have an interest anyway. People don’t necessarily agree, but the numbers that do show sympathy surprise me. But the platform comes into it there – we’re most of us mature enough to disagree sensitively.

        But I definitely agree that writing nothing but political is a big turn off.


  3. the riskiest post i ever put up was opining on religion and secularism which i thought would generate quite a havoc because firstly tried this for the first time. and secondly it is a such a contentious topic..
    Some other posts are still in draft status as someone said..
    great post malone!


  4. Sometimes, it feels like everything one writes might be risky. People are so quick to take things to heart. And that itself could be a risky statement. I think falling down a few stairs might be safer. Broken bones hurt, but don’t point fingers. Yikes! πŸ™‚


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